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VIDEO: Mall Security Guard Tases Belligerent Mom

Darien Long

Kick-ass mall-cop Darien Long

Darien Long the Atlanta mall security guard whose video of an encounter with a violent angry woman went viral on the Internet recently has garnered such support that Redditor RyuKenya set up a fund to help him get more and better equipment to keep up the good work. As of January 31, 2013, the fund, on the crowdfunding platform CrowdTilt, had collected over $20,000 for Long.

Long wears a video camera that shoots every encounter he has, and has posted several of them to This particular video shows Long’s verbal confrontation with the woman and results in his tasing her in front of her kids. Though some have criticized Long for scaring the children, most have praised his willingness to act decisively in the performance of his job. Incidentally, the woman reportedly sent men to assault Long at work the next day, also on video.

Warning: The following video contains foul language.


Following is an impromptu  interview with Mr. Long about why he does what he does.

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