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Grandma Gets Four Speeding Tickets in Three Hours

The trek from Sioux Falls, S.D. to Racine, Wis.

The trek from Sioux Falls, S.D. to Racine, Wis. Click to enlarge view.

A devoted South Dakota grandmother, who was rushing to her granddaughter’s middle-school dance in Wisconsin, decided to put the “pedal to the metal” and managed to get a whopping four speeding tickets in less than three hours on the 525-mile drive from Sioux Falls, S.D.┬áto Racine, Wis. Loretta Lacy, 49, initially came to troopers’ attention when they started getting calls about a speeding vehicle weaving in and out of traffic on the interstate. Lacy reportedly first got pulled over for going 112 mph. She was ticketed for speeding, driving without insurance and for possession of marijuana. Undaunted Lacy continued speeding to her granddaughter’s dance and was pulled over three more times, once for going 99 mph, and two more times for going 88. Luckily for lacy her offenses were classified as mere misdemeanors and she was not arrested; unluckily for her, she wasted so much time getting pulled over for speeding that she was late to her granddaughter’s anyway.

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