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Florida ‘Sea Hag’ Sentenced to 30 Years for Cold Beer Murder

Carolyn Dukeshire aka 'Sea Hag.' Police photo.

At 62 years old, Carolyn Dukeshire likely won’t make it to the end of the 30 year sentence handed down to her by a judge Thursday. Known to Florida Keys locals as the “Sea Hag,” Dukeshire fatally shot and killed a neighbor who wouldn’t give her a beer.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, lobster fisherman Martin Mazur, 64, was enjoying a Busch Light in his backyard tiki bar one evening last July. Dukeshire approached, asking “Do you have a cold beer for me?” Mazur replied, “I have absolutely nothing for you.” At this point, Dukeshire fired a shot with a handgun. When Mazur tried to escape, Dukeshire kept shooting, hitting him in the abdomen, back and arm.

Mazur’s business partner, Casey Whippo, 30, witnessed the entire incident and tried to restrain Dukeshire. Whippo then called 911 and tried to save Mazur.  ”I applied pressure, but he was passing in and out of consciousness. There was a lot of blood,” Whippo told the Sun-Sentinel. Dukeshire, having tossed her gun, sat on a lobster trap and waited for deputies. When they arrived, she reportedly told them, “Mazur is dead.” He was actually still alive, but died later at a hospital in Marathon.

According to Whippo, Dukeshire and Mazur had had an ongoing dispute since last year, when Mazur paid Dukeshire to repair lobster traps which she failed to do.  Dukeshire, Whippo said, was once a lobster fisherman herself. Initially charged with first-degree murder, Dukeshire pleaded guilty to second-degree murder Thursday, agreeing to a maximum sentence of 30 years.

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