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Man Fatally Shot With Arrow After Fistfight

Kereti Paulsen. Facebook photo.

You know what they always say: “Don’t bring a compound bow to a fistfight.” Timothy Canfield, 25, of south Jersey, allegedly broke that age-old rule after a fistfight broke out at his home. According to police, Kereti Paulsen of Cape May Courthouse and an unidentified man got into a fight that moved from the house into the yard. After the fight was over, Paulsen remained outside. Canfield, who reportedly was not involved in the melee, allegedly came out with a compound bow and a quiver of arrows and shot Paulsen in the stomach. Authorities say a razor-tipped arrow pierced the iliac vein in Paulsen’s pelvis and the 25-year-old father bled to death.

It’s unclear what started the fight, but a neighbor told that Paulsen was dating a woman who lived at the same house as Canfield and often showed up to pick fights. The fight between Paulsen and the other man was reportedly over that woman, who also remains unnamed. Lauren Palmer, the mother of Paulsen’s 5-year-old daughter Aurora, told the publication, ”He wasn’t always the best person in the world, and he did a lot of stupid stuff, but he wasn’t malicious in any way, and me and my daughter loved him.”

Timothy Canfield. Myspace photo.

A week before his death, Paulsen posted a photo of his daughter wearing a Santa hat to his Facebook page. Underneath the photograph, two angry comments from women hint at Paulsen’s drama-filled life. One, posted by a woman whose cover photo is a picture of a blue-eyed toddler, accuses Paulsen of only caring about one of his kids. Another woman, possibly a relative of Paulsen’s, responds by saying that a blue-eyed child could not possible have been fathered by Paulsen, who is half Samoan. According to family, Paulsen had struggled with drugs and had issues paying child support. He has had several arrests for drug possession, loitering, probation violation and other offenses. Despite his shortcomings, Paulsen’s Facebook has seen an influx of comments from friends who miss him.

Canfield, also a father, attended the same high school as Paulsen. After Paulsen’s death, he called 911 and allegedly tried to hide the bow and arrows. ”Anybody that knows that man will tell you he’s just a teddy bear type guy, totally not him,” Greg Wojtkowiak, a friend of Canfield’s, told NBC Philadelphia. “So he had to have been threatened in some way for him to do this.” He is charged with murder.

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