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PHOTOS: New Iranian Finger Cutting Machine

Iran’s government¬†has released photos its all-new finger guillotine, or have they? Some believe that the photographs shown here are merely a scare tactic to keep potential offenders in line. In any case, this newfangled implement of Iran’s justice system looks like a cross between a table saw and a really¬†old industrial sewing machine. It will supposedly be used to carry out sentences of finger amputation in accordance with Iran’s interpretation of Sharia law. Such criminal punishments vary from country to country, but generally call for the hacking-off of body parts befitting of the crime: a thief could expect to lose a hand, while an adulterer could fair far worse.

The man seen in this video was reportedly convicted of theft and adultery in Shiraz, Iran, and sentenced to 99 lashes, 3 years in prison and to having one of his fingers ceremoniously lopped off by the three masked gentlemen in the photos. Given the graphic nature of the photos combined with the conviction for adultery, this writer is very grateful that this man only lost a finger.

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