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Inebriated Man Threatens, Tasers Grandmother, Great Aunt

Alec Arapahoe

Alec Arapahoe, should be nicer to his meemaw.

Well, it was inevitable: America’s love-affair with the Taser has moved to the home front. Alec Arapahoe, 20, of Longmont, Colorado, was arrested on January 5, 2013, for using a stun gun to menace and taser his grandmother and great aunt, one of whom is 66 and the other 63.

According to the police report shown below a drunk Arapahoe arrived at the home around midnight armed with a stun gun. When told to give up his new toy because he was drunk, he allegedly attacked. Ranting and yelling nonsensically, Arapahoe pushed the two elderly women down in their chairs, leaving one with a painful scratch on her arm. He would not let them leave, and took the phone away so that they could not call 911. He talked of suicide, tried to open a vein in his neck with a pen and pointed the stun gun at his head.

Unfortunately in the end, instead of tasering himself in the head, he brandished it at the two terrified women, threatening to shoot them each in the face with it. He fired it and hit the wall behind them. One of them made a run for it while he reloaded only to be tased in the back. She managed to get away and call 911 anyway and police were dispatched.

Arapahoe rabbited, but was soon apprehended. He is facing two counts each of menacing, false imprisonment and third-degree assault on an at-risk adult, use of stun guns, obstruction of a telephone and of course underage drinking.

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