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Man ‘Hog Tied’ Stepchild, 4, Shot at her With Pellet Gun

A Linwood, Washington, grandmother took her granddaughter, 4, to the hospital on January 13, 2013, after she noticed that the girl’s body was covered with red marks. Hospital workers quickly determined that the girl was not suffering from chicken pocks, as the grandmother had thought, but was the victim of child abuse, allegedly at the hands of her stepfather, Stetson Tedder.

According to the girl, as punishment for waking him up early and having a messy room, Tedder had ‘hog tied‘ her with zip ties to a bed and shot at her with a pellet gun. The mother left the home to avoid hearing her daughter’s cries. The girl reportedly told investigators said that Tedder had punished her in this way before. Police counted 36 red marks from the girl’s most recent ordeal with Tedder and the pellet gun, and on searching the home found an Airsoft pellet gun in the closet. Tedder initially denied causing the marks blaming them on his son, but later reportedly confirmed the girl’s story to investigators. Police also say that Tedder punished the girl’s sister in the same way. The two girls and two other children were removed from the home. Tedder, a former U.S. airman, was bailed out of jail on January 26. He faces charges of assault of a child in the second degree and unlawful imprisonment. There was no mention at this time of any charges being filed against the mother.

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