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Man Who Claimed God Spoke to Him Convicted of Burgalry

Michael Howard Moulett, 59. Police photo.

In a bizarre case in Billings, Mt., a grandfather has been convicted of burglary. According to testimony heard in court, around 5 a.m. on December 12, 2011, Michael Howard Moullet, 59, used a tire iron to break into the home of his former daughter-in-law, who lived with his two grandsons. The woman Misty Harris, and her husband, Nathan Harris, awoke to footsteps in their home. Nathan Harris engaged in a confrontation with Moullet, who told him, ”The wrath is here. God spoke to me, and I’m here to get the boys.” According to the Harrises, Moullet had no relationship with the boys, ages 2 and 3. Misty Harris called 911 and Moullett was arrested.

During his two day long trial, Moullet testified that he had gone to the house to check on the boys because he had had a dream that an atomic bomb had detonated on the East Coast. He said God told him to check on his grandsons, and that is what he did. When he couldn’t find them, he said, he went back outside. He was pacing near his van when the Harrises found him.

Moullet’s public defender argued that his client did not intend to take the boys. The defense also requested that Moullet be charged with the lesser crime of misdemeanor trespassing. A jury found Moullet guilty of felony burgalry. After the trial, the prosecutor noted that Moullet has five prior felony convictions and a record of misdemeanors. He will be sentenced on May 7.

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