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Daddy Brain? Father Leaves Infant in Freezing Car for 8 Hours

It’s usually the mother who is associated with Mommy Brain syndrome, the absurd forgetfulness stemming from the overwhelming stress and demands of new parenting, but in this case, it seems that a Colonie, New York, father may be suffering from the first reported case of Daddy Brain.

Police are considering whether or not to charge a man in Colonie, New York, after he forgot to drop his son, 1, off at day care, and instead went straight to work leaving the boy strapped in in the car. According to police the temperature in the car never got above 15 degrees during the eight hours in which the child sat in the car. The man only realized what had happened when his wife called him at work around 4 p.m. asking where the baby was. At that point the man figured out his mistake and immediately called an ambulance. The boy was checked out by doctors at a nearby hospital and reportedly did not suffer any injuries from the incident.

The good news for women is that new studies on Mommy Brain syndrome indicate that the brain may actually grow and reshape itself after a child is born to help the mother meet her child’s individual needs while still being able to function in the other parts of her life. The bad news for the father in Colonie is that it is not known if the same is true for men, since no such study has ever been done on fathers., so he may just be stuck.

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