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Hoarder Pinned For Days in His Home May Lose a Foot

A hoarder, 73, in Burnaby, British Columbia, named only as “Dave” in the reports, faces losing a foot to amputation after being trapped under debris in his home for two days. After taking out the door with a chainsaw, it took rescuers, who reportedly found “Boxes, electronics, and more piled almost to the ceiling,” three hours to cut the dehydrated man out of his own junk. According to Burnaby RCMP spokesman Cpl. Dave Reid, “was trapped underneath items — a whole lot of them, … There was no way he could get out himself.” He was hospitalized, but his foot, which lost circulation, may require amputation. Mayor Derek Corrigan said that city officials were aware of the extreme hoarding situation, and had visited the house twice, but that “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure, … We wouldn’t want to take something valuable that is important to them.”

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