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Two Men Accused of Sex with Boy Were HIV Positive — and Lied About It

Left: Darrell Aaron Evans; right: Huy Kien Trin

Left: Darrell Aaron Evans; right: Huy Kien Trin

Broward County men Darrell Aaron Evans, 40, and Huy Kien Trin, 32, met an underage boy, 16, on the all-male Grindr, a social network geared towards gay, bisexual, and bi-curious men and, after a few explicit texts, arranged to meet on December 12, 2012. When it came up all three said they were HIV negative; the teen was, Evans and Trin were not. According to the police report the boy went to the suspects’ home where they all undressed and got into a hot tub for some unprotected sex acts, followed by more unprotected sex in the bedroom and “poppers,” alkyl nitrates, an inhaled or “huffed” aphrodisiac used to enhance orgasm by depriving the brain of oxygen. It is not clear why the teen reported the encounter to police, nor is it clear if he knew that he had been exposed to the AIDS virus. The boy was unable to identify either Evans or Trinh in a photo lineup, so on December 17, with the help of investigators, he engaged in some supervised text messaging with the defendants and a phone call, during which they complemented the youth on his sexual performace. Evans and Trin were arrested and charged with sexual assault of a minor and failure to disclose their HIV-positive status.

During their first court appearance on January 11, 2013, Evans and Trin, who waived their Miranda rights, listened as Assistant State Attorney Eric Linder presented the case to the court saying, “Heavens knows how many victims we may have out there.” He added that Evans and Trin “regularly meet other males and engage in unprotected sex without notifying them that they are HIV positive.” Judge Ian Richards set Evans’ bond at $410,000 and Trinh’s at $420,000 to reflect the seriousness of their failure to disclose their HIV-positive status. The judge also added the charge of attempted murder saying, “I do consider you a threat to the community.” Both defendants are barred from any Internet access, from associating with all minors and from having sex with anyone. Both Evans and Trin reportedly wept during the proceedings. It is not known if the victim is HIV positive or not.

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