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FBI: Did You See Serial Killer Israel Keyes in North Texas?

Serial killer Israel Keyes

Serial killer Israel Keyes

Investigators for the FBI have announced that they would like to speak with anyone who saw serial killer Israel Keyes in North Texas in February 2012. They believe that Keyes was in the Dallas and Glen Rose areas between February 12 and 16, as well as Azle, Aledo, and Cleburne. Keyes may have visted the Post Oak Cemetery in Glen Rose and his rental car, a 2011 Kia Soul, may have gotten mired down in the mud in a rural area outside Cleburne.

Keyes, who seems to have spent the last ten years of his life travelling around the U.S. robbing and killing people, may have murdered eight or more victims. Keyes was arrested in March 2012 in Texas and extradited to Alaska to face murder charges in the abduction and murder of barista Samantha Koenig, 18, a month earlier. While in custody Keyes confessed to several other murders committed around the country, though he did not give investigators much information before deciding in December to slash his wrists and hang himself in his cell with his bedding. FBI are still hoping to identify more of Keyes’ victims.

Anyone who may have seen Israel Keyes or his rental 2011 Kia Soul in North Texas in February 2012 is urged to call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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