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Inmates Sue Alcohol Makers for Their Lives of Crime for $1 Billion

The five inmates suing for proper alcohol warning labels.

The five inmates suing for proper alcohol warning labels.

In early January 2013 five Idaho prison inmates brought suit against several of the largest beer and alcohol makers claiming that they are addicted to alcohol, and that had beer and alcohol containers been properly labeled with an addiction warning, they would not have committed the crimes that got them tossed into prison in the first place.

Companies named in the suit reportedly include Anheuser-Busch, Miller Brewing, and the makers of Jim Beam. The inmates, who are in prison for various offenses including manslaughter, grand theft and drug convictions, all started drinking at a young age, and claim that they had no knowledge of alcohol’s addictive properties. They further claim that their life of crime was fueled by their cravings for alcohol. Finally they claim that had they been initially informed of alcohol’s addictive properties by proper labeling, they would have steered clear of alcohol and never turned to a life of crime. One inmate in particular goes the extra mile, reportedly expressing his fear that his addiction is so extreme that he will not be able to to stay out of prison once released.

They are suing for $1 billion. They do not have any legal representation in this case.

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