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NYC Teen Killed for Marmot Coat isn’t the First

Raphael Ward, 16. Facebook photo.

Tragedy struck Manhattan’s Lower East Side Friday when 16-year-old Raphael Ward was gunned down in front of a church just steps away from the housing project where he lived with his mother and brother. After taking a single bullet to the chest, the bleeding teen stumbled into a convenience store and told workers that a group of people had asked him to give up his Marmot parka. He died a short while later at the hospital. Police believe he was shot following an altercation over the coat, which retails for up to $600. “Someone was trying to take his coat, but didn’t get it,” a police source told the NY Daily News.

Malik jenkins. Family photo.

Ward is not the first teen to die in New York City over a Marmot parka. In December, 2010, Bronx resident Malik Jenkins, 18, ran into traffic and was struck by a Toyota and a BMW while fleeing a group of men who were trying to rob him of his $600 Marmot Mammoth coat. According to police, Jenkins and a friend were lured by April Brooks, 15, and her cousin, Jasmine Castrillo, 17, behind a building, where four men were waiting for them. Jenkins’ friend lost his $150 True Religion jacket in the robbery, but Jenkins got away and lost his life trying to run across busy Bruckner Boulevard. Three were charged with murder in connection with the crime.

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