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Crimestoppers Video Details Unsolved Murder of Mollie Olgin

The Portland, Tex., police are seeking the public’s help in solving the June murder of Mollie Olgin and the attempted murder of her girlfriend, Mary Kristene Chapa. Olgin and Chapa were both shot in the head while at Violet Andrews park in Portland. Olgin died at the scene and Chapa was hospitalized in critical condition. After regaining the ability to speak, Chapa was able to help police revise their sketch of the suspect. The video released by Tri-County Crime Stoppers contains previously unreleased information about the crime. Anyone with information is encouraged to call 1-800-245-TIPS/8477. A reward of up to $20,000 is being offered for tips leading to an arrest.

More on the shooting of Mollie Olgin and Kristene Chapa.

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