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Couple Arrested on Explosives Charges; Woman Gives Birth in Custody

Morgan Gliedman. Facebook photo.

The daughter of a prominent doctor and real estate agent, 27-year-old Morgan Gliedman had been educated at ritzy private school. Her boyfriend Aaron Greene, 31, earned two degrees at Harvard. The couple was expecting their first baby, but the police officers who came to their Greenwich Village apartment last weekend weren’t offering congratulations — they searched the premises and arrested the couple on weapons charges.

Instead of the usual new parent paraphernalia and baby formula, police allegedly found a cache of weapons and explosives potent enough to terrorize the city. The most worrisome find was 7 ounces of HMTD powder — a powerful explosive allegedly used in the 2005 London bombings. Investigators also found Mossburg and Ruger shotguns and rifles, copious amounts of ammunition and a flare launcher.

Instead of a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, investigators allegedly found ominous-sounding manuals with titles like Terrorist Encyclopedia, FM 5-31 Booby Traps, Improvised and Modified Firearms: Deadly Homemade Weapons, and The Do It Yourself Submachine Gun.

Why would an advantaged couple amass a dangerous armory? The current theory is simple: Gliedman and Greene are heroin addicts, hoarding weapons for some deluded rationale. The Daily Beast quotes an unnamed police source describing the couple like so: “It looks like they’re junkies. Well-to-do junkies, not terrorists.”

Aaron Greene. Police photo.

The couple had been arrested in February when NYPD found them parked on West 176th Street doing heroin. Police would find empty heroin residue, marijuana, and a digital scale in the vehicle. Greene admitted he had a rifle in the trunk and was sentenced to five months in jail.

Then recently, police were tipped to the couple by an informant who had met Greene and Gliedman in Washington Square Park and had gone back to their apartment to take a shower. The informant noticed the weapons and later notified the police. As it turned out, police were already investigating Gliedman for a robbery earlier in the week in which she allegedly met a man at a Greenwich Village bar, went home with him — and then walked out with his electronics and credit cards. She had not yet been charged with the theft when the weapons tip came in.

In fact, Gliedman has yet to be charged at all. Shortly after her arrest, Gleidman went into labor, was transported to a hospital and delivered a baby girl named Melody. Greene has already entered a not guilty plea and is expected back in court on January 4. This case is Greene’s fifth tangle with law enforcement — in 2005, he served a year in jail for assault.

With both parents potentially behind bars for many years, it is unclear who will raise baby Melody. Being raised in a home without dangerous explosives is undoubtedly safer for a child. Certainly, Gliedman’s Greenwich Village neighbors would agree. One of them told the Daily News “I’m absolutely enraged some idiotic rich girl was messing around with explosives 100 feet from where I live.”

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