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Another Teen Arrested After School Shooting Threat

Dillon Stengel, 17. Police photo.

So far this week we’ve had a lady hit with a felony charge for making a remark about a school shooting, a teenager arrested for tweeting about shooting up his school, and a guy caught walking into an elementary school carrying a piece of wood with the words “high powered rifle” written on it. Now, 17-year-old Dillon Dalton Stengel of Burkburnett, Tex., is facing charges of making terroristic threats after authorities say he made threatening remarks on Facebook.

Dillon Stengel's Facebook profile photo.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Stengel responded to a Facebook post which read: “So there’s a school shooting Friday, and the world is going to end on Friday. Someone thought that through. Highschool rumors. Gotta love them.” In his comment, Stengel allegedly wrote, “Dude I’m gonna do it I’ll have a whitelist tomorrow so everyone who does not want to die sign it.” After making that post, Stengel changed his profile picture to a photo of himself holding a shotgun. The posts generated concern among parents and students, causing an influx of phone calls to the Burkburnett police department.

Stengel claimed his comment was a joke in response to circulating rumors of a possible school shooting Friday, but police took it seriously.  ”He said it was joking, but we can’t take the chance…when someone makes a threat that they’re planning on doing harm to others, we have to take that very seriously,” said Detective Royce Challis.

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