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Man with ‘Sniper’ Tattoo Strolls Through School, Asks for Beer

Anthony Edward Warn

Anthony Edward Warn

Anthony Edward Warn, 32, of Gainesville, Fla., wandered into the Kanapaha Middle School on December 19, 2012, strolled through a phys. ed. class of about 100 students, located staff and asked for beer and food. At that point staff realized that Warn, who incidentally was sporting a tattoo of the word “sniper,” had no connection to the school and no business being there, and asked him to leave. He didn’t, instead choosing to stay in a corner of the school until deputies were called to arrest him.

In the wake of a tragedy like the Sandy Hook massacre, “How does a person off the street make it into a (school) courtyard and a PE class with 100 students without being stopped, questioned and law enforcement being alerted quicker?” asked Alachua  County Sheriff’s Sgt. Todd Kelly. The answer was not immediately forthcoming, but ultimately boils down to funding: there was no one to watch the door. Kelley added, “If this guy was armed and had intentions of harming students, he was never confronted until he was already in the presence of all of these students.”

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