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Woman Arrested Over Remark About School Shooting

Glendell Ruth Hasan. Police photo.

An Alabama woman has been hit with a felony charge of¬†making a terrorist threat after a comment she allegedly made at an elementary school. According to Dothan police, Glendell Ruth Hasan was dropping off a child at Jerry Lee Faine elementary school when she got into an argument with a teacher’s aide, during which she said “They can shoot up this whole school as far as I care.” The argument reportedly began after Hasan tried to enter the school and was told by a staff member to use a different door.

The alleged comment prompted the school to go into lockdown mode for approximately an hour.¬†”She made reference to a shooting at the school,” Dothan Police Lt. Will Benny told the Dothan Eagle. “She got into a confrontation with an employee at the school and made reference to a shooting at the school, which caused police to respond and lock down the school.” It was, said Dothan City Schools Superintendent Tim Wilder, what is referred to as a “soft lockdown,” meaning students remained in class and teachers continued their lessons.

If convicted of the class C felony charge, Hasan could spend 10 years in prison.

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