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UPDATE: Adam Lanza, Not Ryan Lanza, Identified as Deceased Suspect in Newtown School Shooting

Connecticut State Police walk near the scene of an elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. (Photo by Douglas Healey/Getty Images)

UPDATE 3:55 pm.: Multiple outlets are now reporting that the shooter’s name is Adam Lanza, not Ryan Lanza. It is reported that the two are brothers. CBS reports that Adam, 20, was dead at the scene, and Ryan, 24, has been taken into custody for questioning.

It is still unclear whether the Ryan Lanza whose Facebook profile was passed around as soon as officials released a name has any relation to this incident.

A law enforcement official has identified the suspect in this morning’s shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, CNN reports. The shooter, who was killed during the rampage, has been identified as 24-year-old Ryan Lanza (Update: Shooter is now identified as Adam Lanza, 20.) Lanza’s mother was reportedly a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary school where the tragedy took place, and her students were among the victims. Lanza’s mother was reportedly killed as well. So far, officials report a total of 27 dead, 20 of them children. Another body was found in a home connected to Lanza.

There is a Facebook profile for a Ryan Lanza, in which he lists his hometown as Newtown, Conn., and his current living place as Hoboken, N.J. It has not been confirmed whether this Facebook profile belongs to the shooter. The profile photo on that profile has been shared over 15 thousand times by people presuming him to be the shooter. It has also been released by major media outlets. However, another image, a screen grab of Facebook statuses supposedly posted by the owner of the profile, has been widely passed around on Reddit and other social media outlets. It was initially posted on a Twitter account of a man who says he went to Quinnipiac University with Lanza. It is unknown if this image is real or fabricated. (Update: The Facebook profile has been deleted.)

At Least 26, Mostly Children, Dead in Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

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