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VIDEO: Man Sets Tattoo Parlor, Self on Fire

Skin Deep Tattoo on King Street in Sydney, Australia. Photo: Google Maps

This video recorded by security cameras at Skin Deep Tattoo in Sydney, Australia, shows a man entering the parlor, pouring accelerant all over the floor and lighting a match. The parlor goes up in flames, and so do the man’s pants.

Thankfully, firefighters responded immediately and put out the blase. ”Firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire and prevented it from spreading next door,” Fire and Rescue NSW Superintendent Phil Lindsay told the Sydney Morning Herald. Residents living above the tattoo parlor were evacuated and no one, except presumably the suspected arsonist, was hurt.

Investigators are looking for the man responsible for setting the fire. In April, biker boss Scott Orrock, a Nomad turned Hell’s Angel, allegedly set fire to a police car parked outside Skin Deep Tattoo. Orrock, who owns the parlor, reportedly told police,  ”you f***ing move that car right now…you f***ing  move it right away or otherwise I will burn it down.” Orrock was captured on security cameras pouring accelerant on the vehicle and setting it on fire. Orrock remains behind bars and cannot be the arsonist in the most recent incident.

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