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High-Tech and Low-Tech Attempts to Hide Drugs, Both Thwarted

A Panamanian woman was arrested on arrival in Barcelona, Spain from Bogota, Colombia, after authorities became suspicious of her boob job. Specifically, border police noticed fresh scars, blood-stained gauze and pale areas on her skin. The woman reportedly said the implants were new. Apparently stringent searches on travelers from Latin America to Spain are not uncommon. Police sent her to a hospital and had her implants removed, no word on what type of warrant is required in Spain for this. On examination they found her breasts to contain about 3 lbs. of cocaine.

Earlier this week a man in Wilmington, Delaware, was arrested when police found more than 29 bags of heroin on him. Aaron Hurtt, 27, apparently saw police, who were responding to a call about suspicious activity, and must have panicked: He stuffed 29 bags of heroin in to his mouth in an effort to hide them (probably a good choice because any other body cavity would have taken much longer). Unfortunately for Hurtt, officers reportedly saw him stuffing the baggies into his mouth. Hurtt was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and other offenses. His bail was set at $15,000.

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