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Blind Man Driving Blind Drunk Sentenced for Hitting Girlfriend With Car

Scott Law

Scott Law

Scott Law, 33, of Gainsborough, Lincs, in the UK, who is legally registered as blind, decided to get plastered one night and reportedly had between four and five bottles of wine before getting into an argument with his girlfriend, Suzanne Scawthon, as he drove the car home with their two year old in the back.

Prosecutor Phil Howes described the scene for the court, “The car was seen to veer erratically across the road. Initially the woman was driving with Law in the front passenger seat,” he continued saying, “Witnesses describe them as arguing emphatically. Miss Scawthon got out and was quite upset and angry. … Law was bare-chested and was seen to urinate against the side of the car. He was unsteady on his feet. … He then got into the driver’s seat. Miss Scawthon was walking away up the road. … She continued to walk away and didn’t seem to notice when Law drove up behind her. He was accelerating and braking and then drove into the back of her. She was knocked forward onto the ground.”

Law’s attorney argued that Law was not trying to hit her, so much as catch up to her. Witnesses got his license plate number as he drove away. Police caught up with him quickly enough to test his breath alcohol at .88 BrAC, just under .18 BAC. He pleaded guilty in court on December 11, 2012, to charges of charges of dangerous driving, drunk driving, driving without a license and driving without insurance. He is banned from driving for six years. He was sentenced to nine months in jail.

It should be noted that Law’s vision was damaged by head injuries received in two separate car accidents, one in 2005 and one in 2009. There is no mention of alcohol being involved in either of those crashes.

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