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Boy, 5, Asked Deputies to Watch Him and His Little Sisters

Yvonne Rodriguez

Yvonne Rodriguez

The Sun Sentinel reports that deputies in Osceola County, Florida, responded to a call about possible child neglect at a Kissimmee apartment complex. Deputies knocked at the door, which was opened by a five year old, who reportedly said, “Policemen mommy is not here, I watching my sisters. Can you watch us now?” There were two other children in the apartment ages 3 and 2, but there was no adult.

The mother, Yvonne Rodriguez, 23, returned an hour-and-a-half later from grocery shopping, a trip to Best Buy and the nail salon. She allegedly stated that she thought her five-year-old mature enough to take care of his sisters. Judging by what he said to police, it seems he’s mature enough to realize that she’s wrong.

Rodrigues was arrested and charged with three counts of Child Neglect

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