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Report: Roommates All Over Are Still Trying to Kill Each Other

Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski

Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski

Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski, 19, a Central Michigan University student is accused of poisoning her allegedly obnoxious roommate Emily Joseph, 20, by spraying bleach into her iced tea. It seems the two were arguing over dirty dishes. Joseph sought medical treatment and has been released, but she filed a complaint against Bonkowski. According to investigators Bonkowski has “verbally admitted” to the crime, but does not show any remorse. Michigan State Trooper Douglas Hunt told reporters that “she put bleach in the drink” because “Joseph is ‘mean.’” According to the affidavit she admitted that “she knew that spraying the bleach was a serious thing.” Bonkowski is charged with felony poisoning, which carries a potential 15-year sentence.

Mobile, Alabama, man Razellius Mills, 20, has been denied bail after allegedly cutting fellow group-home resident, Derrick Woods, 32, across the belly with a knife, on December 5, 2012, and then pulling out his intestines and cutting them off Hannibal-Lecter style. Mills was originally placed in the group home as a condition of his probation for third-degree burglary. He received a sentence of five years, but because he is a youthful offender, the judge suspended the sentence on condition that Mills complete three years of probation in a group home. The paperwork went through on October 31, but it is not clear exactly when he moved into the home. AltaPointe Health Systems reviewed his case and accepted Mills, who had no history of violence, into the group home believing that it would be an appropriate setting, “which turned out not to be the case,”District Attorney JoBethMurphree explained in court.

Self-proclaimed pastor and “soldier of the Lord” David Goudie, 51, is sitting in the Sacramento County jail after allegedly attacking his roommate of four months, David Mock, with a four-foot sword, “I saw an object just coming towards me, and it was a sword,” said Mock. Apparently something had made Goudie “snap,” and he had gone on a 24-hour booze bender, during which Mock called police three times after Goudie threatened to hurt and kill him. The attack from Goudie, who is associated with Power Christianity, an online ministry, came out of nowhere. “The sword went through my hand and through my groin — through my privates,” Mock told CBS13. He added that Goudie is a religious man, but that “shortly after moving in, I realized it was much more of a radical Christianity.” Doctors do not know if Mock’s hand will heal properly. Goudie is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Bail is set at $50,000.

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