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Convicted Killer Describes Murdering Two Teens

Jesse Davis, 30. Police photo.

In an audio interview released by prosecutors, Jesse Davis, the convicted killer of Winter Park, Fla., teens Jeremy Stewart, 18, and Nicholas Presha, 16, describes the murders in chilling detail. The burning bodies of Stewart and Presha were found by cyclists along Orlando’s Cady Way trail on April 15. Each boy had been shot, execution style. Authorities believe the teens tried to sell Davis, 30, and another man, Hector Rodriguez, 31, stolen guns. Instead of buying the weapons, prosecutors say Davis and Rodriguez used one of them to kill Stewart and Presha. Davis, who is described in court records as a diagnosed delusional schizophrenic, pleaded guilty last month to the killings and was sentenced to life in prison.

In the recording, Davis omits his friend’s involvement, taking full responsibility for the killings and saying Rodriguez “was trying to be friendly to the kids.” Rodriguez’s murder trial is set for May.

Warning: Audio recording may be disturbing.

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