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Sexting Teacher Sentenced to Six Months or More

Timothy Moll, 25. Facebook photo.

A former Allentown, Pa., teacher will spend at least six months in prison, a judge has ruled. Timothy Moll, 25, who taught math at Dieruff High School, admitted to requesting explicit photos and text messages from a female student and promising her extra credit in exchange. At his plea hearing, Moll also admitted he bought the girl lingerie and asked her to wear it for photos.

Moll came to the attention of school officials in January when the student was sent to the assistant principal’s office for using her phone in class. After that incident, the girl’s mother told the school about Moll’s messages.

He was arrested in April and pleaded guilty to corruption of a minor in October. Entering a guilty plea meant Moll avoided a more serious third-degree felony charge of unlawful contact with a minor. If convicted of a felony, Moll would have faced state prison. Instead, he will spend six to 23 months in county prison.

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