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‘Mad’ Software Guru John McAfee Arrested and Hospitalized

Update: John McAfee has been denied asylum by Guatemala and has been hospitalized after experiencing chest pains. Meanwhile his lawyers are making a last ditch effort to keep him from being sent back to Belize for questioning in connection with the murder of Gregory Faull. His lawyers plan to appeal the decision to force McAfee to leave Guatemala to that country’s constitutional court, but the decision would have to be rendered within the next 48 hours.

John McAfee in Guatemala

John McAfee in Guatemala

Guatemalan police have arrested the anti-virus software company founder John McAfee for entering their county illegally. According to Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla, he is being detained by Interpol agents in a Guatemala City hotel used to house illegals in that country.

McAfee announced on December 5, 2012, that he had formally requested asylum from that country’s government after fleeing Belize in fear of his personal safety. Police in Belize, where the software mogul had been living until the November 11 murder of his neighbor American Gregory Faull, 52, want to question McAfee in connection with that murder. Viant was found dead in his home, a gunshot wound to the back of his head, and police allege that the two men had a long-standing dispute over McAfee’s dogs’ and guards’ aggressive behavior. Police searched McAfee’s property, but did not find him. He later told that, fearing for his life, he had buried himself in the sand and put a box over his head.

McAfee alleged that corruption on the part of a local Belizean politician brought trouble to his door in the form of police harassment after he refused to give a donation to that politician’s political campaign. He said that there was a conspiracy afoot to force him to leave Belize. He then went into hiding in Belize, with no intention of leaving that country.

Now that he has snuck out of Belize, Belizean officials are scratching their heads. They maintain that there is no warrant for McAfee’s arrest, there are no restrictions on his ability to travel and leave the country, and that they only want him for questioning. The allegations of illegal drug paraphernalia on McAfee’s property were dropped.

Questions about his mental state remain unanswered.

Software Designer John McAfee Wanted for Murder?

John McAfee in Hiding From Police

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