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Handyman Held Captive, Forced to Do Repairs

Jason DeJesus and Chanelle Troedson

Jason DeJesus and Chanelle Troedson

A Morgan Hill, California couple was arrested on December 3, 2012, for allegedly holding a handyman captive and forcing him to perform repairs on their 4,600 square-foot, five-bedroom McMansion with pool, beach volleyball and tennis courts. According to Sgt. Jose Cardoza of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, the victim “was assaulted, he was threatened with his life, and he was forced to do some work at the house,” by residents (it is not clear if they are the homeowners) Jason DeJesus, 36, and Chanelle Troedson, 33. The work took six hours and included fixing a broken dishwasher and a door. Five other people that live in the home had no comment for reporters. It is not known if they were home during the abduction.

Cardoza continued saying, “The victim was pretty terrified. He was pretty shaken up and scared by this whole incident. What he did tell investigators is that he was just trying to do what he was being told, wait for the opportunity to escape.” He got his chance after six hours when the couple allegedly forced him into their truck saying that they were taking him to a relative’s house to do repairs there. He escaped when they stopped and went to pay for gas and snacks.

It turns out that the suspects did not choose the victim at random, but had a bad experience with him when he did some work for DeJesus’ mother in October. According to Cardoza they were not pleased with the work, there was a dispute, the victim was not paid the full fee for services, and “That kind of boiled over into what occurred last night.

DeJesus and Troedson are charged with false imprisonment, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, and conspiracy.

Anyone with information relating to this case is urged to call Sgt. Julian Quinonez or Detective Sgt. Dave Roberts at the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office at (408) 808-4500, or leave an anonymous tip at (408) 808-4431.

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