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Three Teens–Not Shooter–Charged in Alabama Girl’s Death

Summer Moody,17. Facebook photo.

In April, four Alabama teens–Scott Byrd, Dylan Tyree, Daniel Parnell and Summer Moody–went to Gravine Island in the Tensaw river delta, where they allegedly broke into cabins. Three men who were on the island took notice of the teens, and one of them, authorities say, fired what was meant to be a warning shot. The bullet hit Moody, 17, in the head. She died ten days later.

Prosecutors have charged Byrd, Tyree and Parnell, all 18, with felony murder in Moody’s death in addition to burglary. The Alabama felony murder rule states that when, during the commission of a felony, a person dies, the perpetrators of the felony are also guilty of murder. The three men who were on the island–William Hearn, Lonnie Davison and Larry Dean Duncan Jr.–have not been charged. According to reports, they were staying at a cabin when they heard the teens breaking into a neighboring cabin. Hearn first fired a shot into the ground, then Davidson fired into the general direction of where the teens were hiding.

Duncan, who fired the fatal shot, is a convicted felon. According to Baldwin County District Attorney Hallie Dixon, felons in Alabama are prohibited from owning handguns, but are allowed to possess long guns, which is what police say was used in Moody’s shooting. However, under Federal law, felons are prohibited from owning any firearms. Federal investigations have their own probe into the case, but so far no charges have been filed.

After a bail hearing Friday, the three teens remain in jail onĀ $200,000 bond. Their attorneys, as well as Moody’s family, argue that the murder charges against the teens are “inconsistent,” considering that the shooter was not charged and the death was ruled accidental. One of the teens, Scott Byrd, is still listed on Facebook as Moody’s boyfriend.

From left: Byrd, Parnell and Tyree. Police photos.

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