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Charlottesville Police Seek Erik McFadden for Questioning in Missing Teen Case

DaShad 'Sage' Smith Missing Poster, Erik McFadden (left), DaShad (center), 'Sage'

DaShad 'Sage' Smith Missing Poster, Erik McFadden (left), DaShad (center), 'Sage'

Developments in the case of missing transgender teen DaShad “Sage” Smith have led police to ask the public for help locating a another Charlottesville man, this one for questioning. The man, Erik Tyquan McFadden, 21, had arranged a date with DaShad on the night of November 20, 2012. Huffington Post reports that DaShad’s father, Dean Smith, spoke with his son’s roommate the evening DaShad went missing, “I had talked to my son on Nov. 20. I talked to him about 5 or 5:30 p.m. After that he did not answer his phone. His roommate said he was going to meet a guy by the name of Erik McFadden. I guess they were going on date or whatever.” DaShad’s mother told Huffington Post that her son identifies as both male and female gender, “His Gay community says ‘she’ but his family still says ‘he’. It does not bother him”

According to Charlottesville Police Lt. Ronnie Roberts, McFadden has already spoken with investigators once following DaShad’s disappearance. He told police that on the night in question he spoke with DaShad by phone, but that the date never took place. Now that police want to question McFadden again, he seems to have left town. McFadden is reportedly not a person of interest in the case, and no warrant has been issued for his arrest, but he is wanted for questioning. Police have released the following photo of McFadden from his Facebook page.

Police release: Erik Tyquan McFadden, from his Facebook page.

Police release: Erik McFadden, from his Facebook page.

DaShad may also go by the names Sage, Sagey or Unique. The youth is described as black, with black hair and brown eyes, 5-feet 8-inches tall, weighing 130 pounds, with a piercing in the left eyebrow, last seen wearing a black jacket, dark gray sweat pants, a black scarf and gray boots.

Police are urging anyone who has seen or heard from DaShad “Sage” Smith or Erik McFadden to call the Charlottesville Police Department at 434-977-9041 or Crimestoppers at 434-977-4000.

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