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Two Found Dead in Search for Woman Missing After Online Date

Leigh Swanson. Handout photo.

Leigh Swanson was reported missing by family four days after she went on a date with a man she met online and never returned. During their investigation into her disappearance, Midland County, Mich., Sheriff’s deputies found two bodies, one of them belonging to Swanson.

On Tuesday, deputies arrived at a Sanford home after tracing the location via a phone number Swanson had used to call her mother. Before they had a chance to go inside, a loud boom rang out and a man ran outside, telling the deputies that his 28-year-old son had just shot himself. The unnamed man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The next day, as police prepared to announce the 28-year-old’s death in a press conference, Swanson’s body was discovered in a wooded area near the same house. Police said the cause of death was an apparent gunshot wound. Swanson’s family told police that the 45-year-old Saginaw Township woman met the man she went out with on When they hadn’t heard from her for a while, her family contacted the man but said he was rude an hung up on them, MWEM reports.

Police are still looking for information regarding this case. Anyone with details is encouraged to call  the Midland County Sheriff’s Department at 989-839-4620 or the Saginaw Township Police Department at 989-793-2310.

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