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Dead Man Found in Albuquerque Hotel May Have Been Cannibalized

Jaime Lynn Vigil

Jaime Lynn Vigil

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, arrested Jaime Lynn Vigil, 21, after responding to a call early on November 27, 2012, about a disturbance at the Imperial Inn. They arrived to find Vigil, who witnesses had reported wandering through the hotel complex, covered blood. On further investigation they found a room in disarray, with the door open and an unidentified dead man in it.

Police say that the killer bludgeoned the victim to death, and then stomped the face leaving extensive damage. KRQE-TV, however, reports that in addition to that, the victim’s face was partially eaten by the killer. The TV station is sticking to their guns, despite law enforcement officials’ denial of any cannibalistic activity.

Vigil, who reportedly told police that the fight started when the victim insulted Vigil’s sister, has been arrested and charged with murder. He is still in custody.

Naked Assailant Gunned Down by Police While Cannibalizing Victim’s Face

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