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Prosecutor: Infant Died From Punch to the Face

Frazier and Ash. Photo: Guilford County Jail.

A young High Point, N.C., couple is behind bars after their 2-week-old infant was found unresponsive at their home Tuesday. Police determined that the child, who was pronounced dead at a local hospital, “died as a result of a criminal homicide.”

In court Wednesday, a prosecutor said Brian Jack Frazier, 20, was playing video games around 5 a.m.¬†when the baby, named Khan, became fussy. According to the prosecutor, Frazier told police he picked Khan up by the neck and punched him in the face. He then allegedly went to bed and did not wake up until about 2 p.m. along with the infant’s mother, Stefany Ash, 20. Ash called 911 about an hour later; prosecutors allege she and Frazier discussed covering up Khan’s death and telling police he had been kidnapped. Frazier is charged with first-degree murder and Ash is charged with accessory after the fact to first-degree murder. Both are being held at¬†Guilford County Jail.

In a video taken by WXII, Ash’s distraught mother and an unnamed man discuss the relationship between Ash and Frazier. They claim Frazier abused Ash, but she went back to him. According to the video and photos released by media, it appears Ash has another child who is now in the custody of DCF, though this has not been confirmed by police. The man in the video also mentions that Frazier had an abusive childhood.

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