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Angry Young Man Allegedly Beat up Old Man for Being Old

Russell Rodgers

Russell Rodgers

In a violent outburst that makes you wonder if his parents just announced that they would be charging him rent, California man Russell Rodgers, 32, was arrested November 26, 2012, after assaulting an elderly man, Bill Bayless, 74, in a Burger King bathroom. According to the Red Bluff Police Department, “Rogers slammed him in the face with the bathroom door, knocking him to the ground. As Bayless attempted to get up Rogers hit him again with the door.” Bayless told police that Rogers then said, “That is what I do to old people.” Before leaving Bayless also quoted Rogers as saying, “I knocked you down because you are old.” Bayless, whose injuries were minor, refused medical care.

Rogers, who was known to police, called them at one point during their search for him to ask why they were looking for him. Their reply probably went something like: You knocked down an old person. That is what we do with people who knock down old people. Rodgers met with deputies and was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. His bail was set at $80,000.

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