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Teens Charged With Killing Family’s Pet Turkey

Provo, left; Anderson, right. Police photo.

Two Florida panhandle teens are accused of using a bow and arrow to shoot a turkey, which they were planning to eat for Thanksgiving. That particular turkey, however, was for loving, not eating. His name was Tom, and he had been a pet of the Caponi family for over a year. When Brian Caponi went outside to feed his animals Monday morning, Tom was not in his pen. Police followed a trail of blood and feathers to some footprints on a dirt road, and surveillance footage showed two young men departing the Caponis’ property with Tom in tow. The distraught family also told police they’d seen a truck suspiciously parked outside their house earlier.

Police later pulled over said truck, driven by 18-year-old neighbor Jacob Provo. In the trunk, police allegedly found Tom’s lifeless body. Riding along with Provo was¬†Joshua Anderson, 19. Both allegedly admitted to sneaking on to the Caponis’ property and killing Tom. According to a police report, Provo told cops he was the shooter and was planning to butcher and cook Tom for turkey day. Both teens are charged with¬†armed burglary, armed trespassing, theft of livestock and animal cruelty.

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