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Man Severs Ex’s Nose for Denying Him Sex

Ricardo Salamanca

Ricardo Salamanca

Ricardo Salamanca, 48, of Plantation, Florida, was arrested for an October 28, 2012, attack on his former live-in girlfriend at her home. According to the victim, she went on a date with Salamanca to a nightclub in Plantation earlier in the evening, but she went home alone. Later, Salamanca showed up at her door, hoping to be let in for some sexual contact. According to the complaint affidavit, the victim let him in, but did not want to have sex with him. Salamanca allegedly became enraged, yelling and cursing at her, throwing her down and putting her in a chokehold. He was unable to pin her down, and the victim made a run for the door. After that she remembered being thrown across the room and then bleeding profusely from the face. The affidavit quotes Salamanca as saying, “That’s what you deserve, b****,” before walking out, leaving the victim to drive herself to the hospital. The complaint states that, “The victim’s nose was severed down to the sinus cavity where the victim’s nose was only attached by a thread.” Her nose was surgically reattached, and Salamanca was arrested on charges of aggravated battery causing bodily harm. As of November 16, Salamanca remained in jail in lieu of $75,000 bail. According to the victim he had abused her before.

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