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Woman Convicted of Killing Neighbor Over Noise Complaint

Tina Karuzas, 28. Facebook photo.

A Schenectady woman has been convicted of stabbing her neighbor to death. Last December, Tina Karuzas, 28, was having a little party in her second-floor apartment. Downstairs neighbor Latoya Ebron, 26, got sick of the noise and came up to demand that Karuzas turn down the music. When Karuzas didn’t comply, Ebron returned and the two women started arguing. Police say Karuzas stabbed Ebron once in the stomach, killing her. Karuzas claimed Ebron was about to hit her and she stabbed her in self defense. The defense also argued that Ebron committed burglary by entering the apartment without being allowed in. Karuzas has been found guilty of first-degree manslaughter and faces up to 25 years in prison.

Just two weeks prior to the stabbing, Karuzas was allegedly the victim of a break-in at that same apartment. Kevin Sands, 39, was charged with burglary for allegedly gaining entry into Karuzas’ apartment. Sands, who is Karuzas’ ex-boyfriend, was also charged with making harassing phone calls to Karuzas prior to the alleged break-in, and with choking her. During that incident, said defense attorney, Karuzas wielded the same knife and was successful in scaring off her attacker.

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