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Town Council Plans DNA Testing of Unscooped Dog Poop

According to the September 24, 2012, minutes of the Sundridge with Ide Hill Parish Council of Kent Parish in the UK, members of the council received several complaints about “dog fouling” from angry villagers who found “between 1 and 3 pieces” of poop on two separate roads in the town. Further inspection showed that some people, who had scooped their dog’s poop, tossed the baggies into some nearby bushes, and some of the poop was even worm-infested. The council resolved to remind people that they have to pick up after their dogs or face a fine, and will have the Dog Warden patrol the area more often, and if that doesn’t work they are considering DNA testing the poop to ID the offending dog or dogs and their owners. Of course they couldn’t test any dog’s DNA without the owner’s consent, but once given the pup’s DNA can be entered into a tracking database and dog’s fecal activities tracked assiduously for the rest of its life. When asked for comment, a villager from Sundridge who has a dog said, “It just seems bizarre to me. Crazy. It’s Big Brother gone mad, really.”

For those wondering if the council of the Sundridge with Ide Hill Parish really has gone mad, they didn’t think this all up on their own: Poo printing is already a reality in the U.S. and in Germany with high tech companies offering their services to local governments and property management companies.

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