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Update: L.A. Police Release Sketches of Victim, Suspect in Possible Abduction

Composite sketches of possible victim (left) and suspect.

Composite sketches of possible victim (left) and suspect.

L.A. Police have released composite sketch of the possible victim and suspect in a reported abduction of an unidentified woman in El Sereno, California, on November 12, 2012. Police have been conducting a search of the area in which witnesses claim to have seen a man drag a girl or small woman by her hair, kicking and screaming, into an area of rough terrain and brush during an argument, and stripping off her clothes before being lost from view. Police Chief Charlie Beck said in a press conference, “My hope is that this was a dispute that was resolved in some way, but we have to treat everything like it’s the real deal.” He added, “I’m not in the ‘hope for the best’ business,” Beck said. “I’m in the ‘plan for the worst’ business.”

More than 250 officers with dogs, horses and helicopters have searched the entire 455-acre area, and found only the reported victim’s shoes and clothing. During the search Lt. Andy Smith of the LAPD told the media, “Our guiding principle in all of this is thinking: What would you want us to do if that were your sister or your daughter? When we leave here, it will be because we’re sure there’s no one out there.” Police finally did call off the search late Tuesday, but the investigation continues and the identities of the man and woman remain a mystery.

Los Angeles police Commander Andrew Smith told reporters, “We continue to reach out to the public; we hope whoever was involved in this will come forward. Maybe we’ll get additional witnesses. Someone will recall seeing something or someone will say: ‘It was me and my boyfriend.”‘

Anyone with any information is urged to call the Los Angeles Police Department.

L.A. Police Search for Possible Abduction Victim

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