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Woman Confesses to Stabbing Husband ‘Because he is Satan’s Spawn’

Tammi Estep

Tammi Estep

Police in Horry County, South Carolina, responded to a call on November 9, 2012, about a domestic disturbance to find the victim’s son, who told them that his mother, Tammi Estep, 36, had stabbed his father, 46, and that his father had gone to Seacoast McLeod Hospital. According to the police department report, police were talking to the witness on the porch when Estep joined them. Police asked her what had happened. She responded, that “Jesus and Mary told her to kill him because he is Satan’s spawn.” Estep added that, “She was sent to save to world!” though it is not clear in the arrest report if “she” refers to Estep or Mary. Estep was taken to the Seacoast McLeod Hospital to be medically cleared before she was transferred to the lockup. She is charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault. Her children were taken into protective custody. ┬áSo far there are no reports on her husband’s condition. Estep remains in custody.

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