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VIDEO: Racist Drunk Guy Starts Fight at New Orleans Airport

In a video taken yesterday at the New Orleans airport, a visibly intoxicated man is seen hurling racial insults at a black man before instigating a physical fight with him. According to the passenger who posted the video, the man, wearing a Johnny Football shirt, was told he couldn’t board his flight to Houston because he was too drunk. He then got “irate with the ticket counter attendant and dumped out a bag of trail mix,” at which point the African-American man told him to calm down. That’s when Johnny Football calls the man “n***er” a few times and the two engage in a brief scuffle. The fight is quickly broken up by an airport cop who pulls up on a Segway. The best part, says the man who recorded the video, is that he was flying standby and got Johnny Football’s seat.

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Warning: Video contains strong language.

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