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Ohio Executes Man Convicted of Stabbing Woman 138 Times

Brett Hartman. Prison photo.

Convicted killer Brett Hartman went to his execution Tuesday still maintaining his innocence. Hartman has spent over a decade on Ohio’s death row for the brutal 1997 murder of Winda Snipes. Prosecutors said Hartman had stabbed her 138 times, slit her throat and cut off her hands. Hartman claimed he didn’t kill Snipes — he maintained that he had sex with her on the morning of her death, and then later in the day returned to her apartment to find her body. In a panic, said Hartman, he called 911 and tried cleaning up the blood.

Despite his attorneys’ arguments that crucial evidence from the crime scene – including another person’s fingerprints —  had never been tested, several courts have rejected Hartman’s claims of innocence, citing ”overwhelming evidence” of his guilt.

Winda Snipes, victim.

On the night before his execution, Hartman ate a final meal of steak, baked potato and friend shrimp. He was visited by his aunt, sister and a friend, and spoke with another friend on the phone.

On Tuesday, Hartman declined breakfast. After he was strapped to the execution gurney, Hartman uttered his last words: “I’m good, let’s roll.” He then smiled and gave a thumbs up to his sister, attorney and a friend who were present as witnesses. He expired after being given a single dose of pentobarbital.


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