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VIDEO: Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones Knocks Out Combative Suspect

Phoenix Jones a.k.a Benjamin Fodor. Photo:

Phoenix Jones, leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement — a group of ten costumed individuals who claim to prevent crimes on the streets of Seattle — got into a scrap Friday night that ended with his opponent on the ground. The altercation began when Jones and his crew saw the suspect yelling at a car, punching its windows, and scaring the passengers inside. Jones called police and tried to diffuse the situation. When police arrived, Jones said he wanted an officer to escort him and his team to their car. Before they could leave, the suspect, wearing an orange shirt, said “F**k you ni**er! I’ll bring this to your house!” Jones then agreed to engage in what one of his accomplices called “mutual combat.” Thanks to a rarely used Seattle law, a street fight is allowed as long as both participants agree, no bystanders are injured and no property is damaged. Jones and the suspect moved away from the crowd and began to fight. Jones, a trained MMA fighter, began with some fancy footwork and low kicks before unceremoniously ending the fight with a punch to the face. Police said neither party is pressing charges and the matter will likely be dropped. On his Youtube channel, Jones stated he chose to stay and fight out of concern for the safety of his family.

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