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Man Arrested After Toddler Found in Dog Cage

William Todd Lewallen, 47. Police photo.

A Tulsa man is in custody after police say they found a naked 18-month-old girl locked in a feces-covered dog cage in his home. William Todd Lewallen, 47, is charged with felony child neglect. A neighbor, after hearing a child crying for a prolonged period of time, went to Lewallen’s house, where he allegedly found a naked 4-year-old outside. The neighbor took the child home and called police, who looked through the window and saw the screaming child in the cage. Inside the house, they found another 3-year-old child, also naked, in bed with Lewallen.

Dog crate at Lewallen's house where police allegedly found a naked toddler. Police photo.

According to the police press release, Lewallen was “impaired to the point where he didn’t hear his child screaming for help outside or the other child wailing to be let out of the cage.” According to police, there was an empty beer next to the bed; Lewallen reportedly told them he’d taken his anti-seizure and muscle relaxant medications, chased them with beer and laid down to rest.

Lewallen is held on $50,000 bond and is due in court on November 19.

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