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Elderly Man Arrested for Plan to Throw Manure on Prince Charles

Castislav Sam Bracanov

Castislav Sam Bracanov

Yugoslav immigrant and adamant anti-royalist Castislav Sam Bracanov, 74, was arrested on November 11, 2012, for planning to toss horse poop on Prince Charles in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. Bracanov pleaded not guilty to behaving suspiciously after stating that police arrested him for “sitting peacefully” with a $2 bucket of horse manure. Though his other statements in court and to the media, cast doubt on his statement:

  • “They qualify [for becoming royalty] with their body, not with the brain. You’ve got to respect what the brain produce. Body produce what is going to toilet. So I prepare a bucket of sh*t, so I would hit them.”
  • “Last time he tricked me with his son.” Referring to Prince Williams’ visit.
  • “I done the job, I was not successful, I will wait till next time.” This last statement he reportedly shouted in court.

It is possible that police were aware of Bracanov’s criminal record.┬áBracanov has a disorderly conduct conviction stemming from a 1994 incident in which he sprayed air freshener within two meters of Prince Charles. He later said he did not wish to harm the prince, “What for? There is no need to approach him. I was only concerned for those people around him. Why should you smell such an awful dreadful smell.”

Or maybe police knew that in 1988 Bracanov was convicted for behaving in a disorderly manner after he successfully nailed the car carrying King Juan Carlos of Spain with a bucketful of horse manure.

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