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Student Charged with Torturing, Dismembering Cats, and Displaying Remains Around Campus

Christian Todd Slaton

Christian Todd Slaton

Christian Todd Slaton, 19, of Montevallo, Alabama, has been arrested on four felony counts of first-degree cruelty to animals. Disturbingly enough, all of the charges deal specifically with torturing and dismembering stray cats. According to court documents, the now-former University of Montevallo student is accused of leaving a dismembered cat near the university president’s residence on October 16, 2012, hanging a dead cat from the main flagpole on campus a few days later, displaying another dead cat near a prominent campus statue a few days after that, and of killing and leaving one in a wooded area near his apartment.

To the relief of the administration and student body alike, Slaton was identified as the suspect by police on October 31, and arrested. He was also suspended from the university and banned from campus. Slaton has posted a $5,000 bond for each count against him. He is scheduled to appear in court again on December 12.

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