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Convicted Teen Killer Loses Appeal

Lisa Michelle Lambert. Police photo.

Lisa Michelle Lambert is serving a life sentence for the 1991 murder of 16-year-old Laurie Show. Lambert, now 39, has proclaimed her innocence since her 1992 conviction. In her latest bid for freedom, Lambert has acted as her own attorney and claimed misconduct and corruption on the part of authorities. Lambert claimed that the prosecutor at her trial, Jack Kenneff, who later became a defense attorney, told convicted felon Warren Raffensberger Jr. that the Lancaster County, Pa., judicial system “is corrupt.” Raffensberger recorded Kenneff’s alleged statements in a 4-page note. Lambert attached this note to her appeal, but Lancaster County Judge Dennis Reinaker dismissed it as “inadmissible hearsay,” Lancaster Online reports.

Lambert and Show became enemies after Lambert’s boyfriend, Lawrence “Butch” Yunkin, went on a date with Show while he and Lambert were split up. On the date, Yunkin allegedly raped Show in his truck. Even after she and Yunkin reunited and moved in together, Lambert continued to hate Show, often harassing her in person and by phone. On December 21, 1991, Show was found with a five-inch gash to the throat, a stab wound that punctured a lung and another that grazed her spine, several wounds to the head, and a number of defensive wounds. Her dying words were, “Michelle did it.

Lambert’s friend Tabitha Buck was also convicted of the murder and is serving life without parole. Yunkin, who prosecutors said encouraged Lambert and Buck to beat Show up to keep her from telling about the alleged rape, was convicted of 3rd degree murder and has since been released.

The Stalking Murder of Laurie Show

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