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Reckless Driver Ordered to Make Turkey Dinner for Cops

Turkey tastes best when it's made with a pinch of anger and a dash of fear. Photo: Getty Images.

In another case of an unorthodox penalty for reckless driving, an Ohio woman will be making a Thanksgiving dinner for three police officers. Valerie Rodgers, 46, of Tuscarawas Township pleaded guilty last month to a charge of felony assault as well as misdemeanor charges including failure to comply and failure to stop after an accident for a June 19 incident in which she did not obey the instructions of an officer directing traffic during a marathon and ended up hitting him with her car.

Rodgers was placed on one year probation, the terms of which include making Thanksgiving dinner for three officers who are on leave or unable to work. If Rodgers violates her probation, she faces a year in prison.

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