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O.J. Simpson’s Ex-Girlfriend Arrested for Purse Snatching

Christie Prody, 37. Police photo.

Christie Prody, who dated O.J. Simpson for 13 years, has been accused of trying to steal a woman’s purse outside a Fargo, N.D., mall. Police say Prody, 37, attempted to snatch the purse, leading to an altercation in which both Prody and her alleged victim ended up on the ground in a scuffle. Mall security, then police, arrived, and Prody was arrested. She is facing a felony charge of robbery.

Prody, only 20 at the time, met Simpson just after his 1995 acquittal. The two dated for 13 years, during which time, Prody told Good Morning America, she was abused by Simpson and feared for her life. Prody said Simpson wanted her to look like Nicole Brown, even going as far as making her get breast implants. Though she initially supported Simpson, she later came to believe that he killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Prior to this arrest, Prody has faced some drug-related troubles. In April, she was arrested for allegedly stealing pain killers while working as a nursing assistant. During her relationship with Simpson, Prody checked herself into a treatment facility for depression and substance abuse.

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